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Catholic Daily Site & App

CatholicDaily App coming soon One of the missions of our non-profit organization Queen of Peace Productions is to bring a message of hope and faith to the world, and one way we accomplish this goal is through the Internet. One of our most popular websites is CatholicDaily.com, which features faith-based news and inspiration from around […]

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Are you an Apostle of Love?

Join Queen of Peace Productions in our mission to bring God’s love to those yet to know it. Get access to exclusive content and behind the scenes updates by giving our cutting-edge “media ministry” the support it needs to reach the masses. Join the Apostles of Love community today. Hello! My name is Sean Bloomfield. I founded Queen of Peace Productions nearly 20 years ago, and, more recently, […]

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Our new Queen of Peace website

We will feature our latest projects on this website, and our team hopes to keep you informed about our progress, so stay tuned for more!

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