The Triumph – Full Medjugorje documentary

Follow a young man’s journey to Medjugorje, where the Virgin Mary has reportedly been appearing since 1981, giving messages and prophecies about the world’s future.

The Triumph, one of our most popular feature-length documentaries, has brought Medjugorje to millions of people around the world. We’ve now released it online free of charge in hopes that the entire world can experience the miracles of Medjugorje firsthand.

Please watch the film, share this page with others, and follow the story through Apparition Hill, our next documentary that followed The Triumph.


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One thought on “The Triumph – Full Medjugorje documentary

  1. Please consider offering The Triumph movie to
    EWTN free to reach many more people, especially
    older people who don’t use computers, smart tv or smart phones. I know so many homebound with
    age or illness and families who can watch it together.
    God bless you!

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