About Us

Queen of Peace Productions (EIN: 82-1517821) is a not-for-profit ministry dedicated to advancing Marian devotion by producing, distributing, and supporting inspirational and educational media projects. Our primary mission is to share God’s love with those in the world who need it most, and we aim to utilize the latest technologies to achieve maximum exposure what we feel is the most important message of our time.

But we cannot do it alone! We rely on the generosity of people who share our mission and want to help fund our evangelical projects, both new and ongoing ones. You can also stay connected by signing up for our free Queen of Peace Productions e-newsletter.



Queen of Peace Productions is overseen by a board of directors who have all been touched by the Blessed Mother in some way, and who now wish to spread devotion as far and wide as possible throughout the world. We’re thrilled to take our ministry to a new level of possibilities, and we’re confident that with your help we can spread the message of God’s love to countless more people. We hope you will join us in our mission and be one of Our Lady’s “Apostles of Love” in a world which needs to hear her message more than ever before.

Film and Video

Our ministry supports, promotes, and produces films that share our mission of reaching those who have yet to know God’s love.

Websites and Social Media

Our ministry creates, hosts, and supports websites dedicated to our mission, and we also evangelize through social media and e-newsletters.

Books and Media

Our ministry supports and publishes books and pamphlets that embody our vision of spreading Marian devotion throughout the world.


Queen of Peace Productions promotes and assists with pilgrimages to Marian shrines in addition to sponsoring trips for priests and people in need.


Queen of Peace Productions is a not-for-profit ministry dedicated to advancing Catholic teachings and Marian devotion by producing and supporting inspirational and educational media projects.

Join in our mission to spread God’s love to as many people as possible. Queen of Peace Productions needs and appreciates donations to fund our outreach. Donations to our not-for-profit ministry are tax-deductible and go directly to support our work.