Film and Video

Queen of Peace Productions supports, promotes, and produces films and videos that share our mission of reaching those who have yet to know God’s love.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”aperture” wrap=”i”]  DOCUMENTARIES

Films we’ve supported, promoted, and/or produced include:



Books we’ve published include:

My Heart Will Triumph

Dear Children


[wp-svg-icons icon=”play” wrap=”i”]  ONLINE VIDEOS

We also produce and promote online videos and distribute them through free platforms for all to see, such as YouTube and Vimeo, where they’ve received over a million views worldwide. See some of the videos we’ve been involved with at:


[wp-svg-icons icon=”facebook-3″ wrap=”i”]  SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEOS

We also help create videos for social media that are shared freely on sites like Facebook, some of which have gotten over a million views. See some of the Facebook videos we’ve been involved with here:

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See our latest film and video projects in need of support at our Apostles of Love Community. Join for exclusive access to videos and other content.