Internships, Scholarships and More


Stella Mar Films and Queen of Peace Productions accepts a limited number of interns throughout the year for several types of paid and unpaid internships, including:

  • Medjugorje Internships (minimum term: 1 month)
  • USA Office Internships (minimum term: 3 months)
  • Home-based Internships (minimum term: 6 months)

You will be able to specify which type(s) of internships interest you when you complete Step 2 of the application process, and we will provide additional details after receiving your application.

Individuals with skills, background, and/or interest in various forms of media communications are encouraged to apply. The internship program is ideal for college students and recent college graduates, although anyone may apply.

We are especially interested in receiving applications from those who have an interest in the subject matter of our work (such as Medjugorje, Marian apparitions, stories of hope and inspiration, etc).


Stella Mar Films and Queen of Peace Productions awards at least one scholarship (of $1,000 or more) to an eligible high school student or college student each year.

Scholarships are awarded based on many factors. We are especially interested in applications from individuals using communications and media to spread an inspiring message.


Stella Mar Pilgrimages, as part of Stella Mar Films and Queen of Peace Productions, sponsors at least one Roman Catholic priest on each trip to Medjugorje.

The priest is asked to serve as chaplain for the group, and all expenses (including airfare, travel, room and board) are covered.


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