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27Jun 2017

Our new Queen of Peace website

We will feature our latest projects on this website, and our team hopes to keep you informed about our progress, so stay tuned for more!

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09Dec 2017

Henryk Hoser resigns

The papal envoy appointed by Pope Francis┬áto review the pastoral needs of Medjugorje has resigned as bishop of Poland’s Warszawa-Praga diocese. Archbishop Henryk Hoser made headlines yesterday when he praised Medjugorje and revealed that official pilgrimages were now allowed by the Vatican. Some have speculated that Hoser will be appointed to oversee Medjugorje in a […]

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31May 2018

The Vatican has essentially endorsed Medjugorje

Queen of Peace Productions reports from Medjugorje In a move that many consider to be a major step towards official recognition of Medjugorje as a shrine, Pope Francis today appointed recently-retired Archbishop Henryk Hoser of Poland as Special Apostolic Visitor to the parish of Medjugorje. Announcing the news on May 31, 2018, the feast of […]

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11Jan 2019

Vatican to expand Medjugorje shrine

Henryk Hoser, Archbishop whom Pope Francis has named as the Apostolic Visitator to Medjugorje, has announced the expansion and construction of a shrine in this town located in Herzegovina.